Daily Budget

€45 Budget traveler, €70 backpacker+

Travel time

All year round, between November and April is the dry season. For the islands in the north, the period from May – October is the best.


Between 3 and 4 weeks.


Recommended: DTP, Hepatitis A. Check the website of your goverment for the actual Covid-19 situation.


Type A and B, you need a world plug.


With most passports you do not need a visa.


Burdened by a negative image, the beautiful and versatile Honduras lurks. From volcanic islands in the south to national parks in the center and tropical islands in the north of the country. In addition, you can also delve into Honduras’ cultural history when you visit the Mayan ruins at Copán. There is plenty to discover in this little-visited gem.


If you are passing through, you will probably enter the country via Guatemala or Nicaragua. If you fly into Honduras and land in Comayagua, your journey starts in the center of the country. The itinerary described goes from Copán in the west through the Bay Islands of Roatán and Utila, and Pico Bonito National Park in the north. Then to the center of the country, to Lago Yojoa and Tegucigalpa to conclude in the unknown south. The route can also be followed the other way around or partly.


Copán is one of the most characteristic towns in the country. Located 20 minutes from the Guatemalan border, this small colonial town is known for its Mayan ruins. As in Guatemala, the Mayan people were great and well-known in the first century. Today, it’s not just the Mayan temples that are the city’s attractions. The […]

In the south of Honduras, against the border of El Salvador, lies the island of del Tigre. Surrounded by several volcanic islands, you can enjoy beautiful sunsets and even look out onto both El Salvador and Nicaragua. This part of Honduras is unknown and you will encounter almost no tourists except for local travelers. If […]

In the middle of the country lies the largest lake in Honduras, Lago Yojoa. A lake known for its fishing, mainly tilapia fish. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities to eat pescado frito (fried fish). Around the lake, restaurants with colorful jetties and views are not to be missed. It also makes little difference which […]

La Ceiba on the mainland is not only a port of call for visiting the islands, the city also gives opportunities to go to Pico Bonito National Park or visit Los Cayos Cochinos with a (multi-day) day tour. Pico Bonito National Park Pico Bonito is a national park through which the Cangrejal River flows with […]

In the north of Honduras, in the Caribbean Sea, you will find a number of tropical islands. The largest of the 3 is Roatán and this is also where most of the activities can be done. Utila are known for their diving and snorkeling opportunities. Guanaja is the most unknown of the three. The islands […]

Tegucigalpa is the capital of Honduras and also the largest in the country with about 1.2 million inhabitants, followed by San Pedro Sula. At first, the city looks gray and drab and is therefore quickly passed over. But if you know the spots, the city and the surrounding area have quite a bit to offer […]


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