Transport Honduras


Public transportation

Public transportation in Honduras is fine. Wherever you want to go, there is always a (mini) bus that goes there. For more travel details between destinations, articles for destinations in Honduras describe how to get there, how long it takes and how much it costs.

Keep in mind that not all roads in Honduras are in good condition. As a result, it is good to calculate enough travel time for a route, at least more time than Google indicates.

Long distance bushings

For the longer distances, for example between Copán and Tegucigalpa, Hedman Alas bus company runs for example. Comparatively a bit more expensive than the local buses, but they are direct buses and it is a reliable bus company. These buses are often air-conditioned and take regular breaks to cover the long distance. Another bus company that runs longer distances in Honduras is Cristina bus, which runs from Tegucigalpa to La Ceiba, for example. For both companies, you can find their schedules online and also book online (Hedman Alas).


For shorter distances, several bus companies operate smaller buses between different destinations. San Pedro Sula has a distinct bus station from which buses depart. Tegucigalpa doesn’t have that, and with that, sometimes it takes a while to find where to go, depending on where you want to go. People in Honduras are very helpful, so feel free to ask at your hotel where to go. Also, the buses run very regularly and almost all day so you never have to wait long and if you miss a bus you can always catch the next one.


An easy and quick way to get from A to B is to use shuttles. However, shuttles are always more expensive than if you go by public transport. The use of shuttles has been at a standstill in Honduras during the pandemic, but is now coming back on stream. Shuttles are available from the islands in the north of the country (La Ceiba) to San Pedro Sula (and Guatemala), Copán (and Guatemala), Lago Yojoa and Tegucigalpa (and to Nicaragua). Shuttles can be booked online but also from the ho(s)tels.


In the towns and villages, cabs are always running as well. Net is good to agree on a price in advance about the ride. In and around Tegucigalpa, Uber also runs. They also drive to the smaller villages such as Valle de Angeles or to La Tigra National Park. So far, Uber is only driving that region, but it is expected to expand to more cities in Honduras over time.


On the very short distances in the city or village, motorbike cabs run. These are tuctucs that can easily take you back and forth. They ride, for example, on islands El Tigre in the south, in Cantarranas or around Lake Yojoa. Again, you discuss a price in advance, often a euro or a little more, depending on the distance and condition of the road.