Border crossings Honduras


Border crossing Nicaragua – Honduras

What do you need?


》Precheque entry form (Honduras) that you fill out online (

》$4 exit fee Nicaragua (dollars only)

》Extra Córdobas to exchange for Limpiras

Helpful to know:

At practically every border crossing you will find many pulperias. These are small stores, where you can buy soda and snacks. And often you can easily exchange money with the people walking around there, as there are very few border crossings with an ATM/ cash machine. Check in advance what the current exchange rate is, then you can negotiate with that.

Nicaragua has 2 border crossings with Honduras. The southern and more touristy border crossing, El Espino, is the closest to León in Nicaragua and Choluteca in Honduras. This is also the border crossing where your luggage will be checked. You get there by taking the bus from León or from Somoto.

And lesser known border crossing is Los Manos. You get there by taking a bus from Somoto to Ocotal and then changing to a bus to the border (la frontera). Once at the border crossing, you have a barrier. Walk for a minute until you come to some shipping containers. There is the Nicaragua migration office and you pay $4 exit fee and taxes when you leave Nicaragua. Once you have your exit stamp you walk to the other barrier and emerge on the Honduras side of the border. On the right side are some counters of the Migration Service of Honduras. There are also a number of people changing money. This is a good thing to do because there are few ATMs around and dollars are not common in Honduras. Estimate in terms of currency,: €1 = 28 Limpira (approximately, June 2022). At the Honduras migration office, you don’t have to pay. Only the Precheque form completed online is required and your passport. Once you have your stamp, walk a little further and there are buses waiting for you to El Paraiso (20 limpira/€0.75, 30 minutes). Take that bus and transfer in El Paraiso to a bus to Tegucigalpa, the capital (over 1.5 hours, 108 Limpira/€4). From Tegucigalpa you can make several excursions or continue your journey.