Lago Yojoa


In the middle of the country lies the largest lake in Honduras, Lago Yojoa. A lake known for its fishing, mainly tilapia fish. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities to eat pescado frito (fried fish). Around the lake, restaurants with colorful jetties and views are not to be missed. It also makes little difference which one you choose, the offerings are about the same everywhere. Also, this region is known for pineapples. As you drive along the lake you will find several stalls of stacked pineapples.

D&D Brewery

But you don’t have to spend your time just eating. There are also a number of activities available that you can do just fine on your own. If you take Hotel D&D Brewery as your base (highly recommended), then you can go from there to the park los Naranjaos where you can kayak of take a boat trip. D&D Brewery comes highly recommended because it offers good, clean rooms at a reasonable price (about €10 per person per night). They also brew their own delicious beer and have a very tasty and affordable menu. Also, it is a place where many foreign travelers come and therefore there is always a cozy atmosphere. Several activities are offered. You can find more accurate information on their website.

Pulhapanzak waterfall

From D&D Brewery you can go to the Pulhapanzak waterfall. This roaring waterfall is 43 meters high and the water flows down there with considerable force all year round. Entrance fee is 80 limpira/€3 for viewing the waterfall and swimming in the river in front of the waterfall. There are 2 platforms to see the waterfall, the first is clearly marked, for the second you have to walk a little further and you end up walking down via steps. There you follow the path until you cool down in the mist of the waterfall.

If you want, you can zipline over the waterfall, although the distances are short and it may not be quite worth the money to him (550 limpira/€20). You can also choose to take a guided tour that leads you behind the waterfall. For this you pay 160 limpira/€6 and keep in mind that you will get wet. You swim in the water, and climb and jump off the rocks.

You can get to the Pulhapan bag by cab (about 40 minutes from D&D Brewery) or by bus via Peña Blanca to San Buenaventura.

Cerro Azul Meambar National Park

This national park is known for the many species of birds that can be seen, including toucans, hummingbirds and macaws. From the Panacam Lodge, 4 well-marked hiking trails have been constructed that lead past waterfalls. The longest is almost 7 kilometers long and takes you to the highest point of the national park. It is recommended to walk to the highest point first (follow the route on the map clockwise). The first part is quite steep and runs uphill, but the view at the top is beautiful. On the way back, you’ll encounter a number of lookouts and waterfalls, so you can rest from the hike in between. And finally you plop down at the Panacam Lodge with a drink and watch the many species of hummingbirds that fly around your ears there. They come off to the hung trays of sugar water, but still.

You get to the Panacam Lodge from D&D Brewery by taking the bus to Peña Blanca. In the center, wait on the side of the road for the bus going to La Guama. There you get off and the last part on a dirt road uphill, goes by mototaxi (tuctuc). Agree on a price for the motorcycle cab in advance. The price of the buses is around €1 – €2 per ride. In total, the journey to Panacam Lodge takes over an hour. If you want, you can also stay at the lodge.

How do you get there and back?

Lake Yojoa is on the road between Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. There are several shuttles running, but you can also take the bus from the 2 major cities. Note that if you want to go to D&D Brewery, you should not go to Lago Yojoa stop, because the Lago Yojoa stop is on the south side of the lake while the Brewery is on the north side of the lake. D&D Brewery’s website ( describes exactly how to get there from all directions.