Daily Budget

Average daily budget per person: €35 Budget traveller, €45 backpacker+

Travel time

All year round, between November and April is the dry season.


Between 3 and 4 weeks.


Recommended: DTP, Hepatitis A. Check the website of your goverment for the actual Covid-19 situation.


Type A and B, you need a world plug.


With most passports you do not need a visa.


A versatile country with beautiful nature, volcanic landscape, a rich culture and a hospitable population. Guatemala surprised us in every way. Climbing the Acatenango volcano, visiting the ancient Mayan city of Tikal, hiking through picturesque Antigua or the nature around Semuc Champey, it was all more beautiful than we expected. If you travel to Guatemala, you will encounter all this!


Since Guatemala is easy to combine with one or more neighboring countries, it depends on where you enter the country what your route will look like. The easiest is to make a round trip from Guatemala City/Antigua or Lago Atitlan and from there to the north. If you start at Flores, you can travel south via Rio Dulce or Semuc Champey. We follow the following travel route: from Guatemala City to Antigua, to Lago Atitlán, Semuc Champey, Flores and Tikal.


Antigua is the epitome of authentic cities in Latin America. Colored houses, unpaved streets with cobblestones, squares where the population gathers and cozy restaurants and bars, and rooftop terraces with views of the volcanoes that surround the city. The town is a fine, tad overrated and touristy, base to get into the Guatemalan spheres. Most […]

Flores Flores is a small island in Lake Petén Itzá and connected to the mainland by a long bridge. Not only Flores and its surroundings are worth traveling to, considering the environment and the various activities available there. The large and partially invisible Mayan city of Tikal is also definitely worth a visit. For a […]

Lake Atitlán is one of the largest lakes in Guatemala and certainly the most famous. Around the lake you will find 3 inactive volcanoes, Atitlán, Tolimán and San Pedro. From the villages of Panajachel and San Marcos, among others, you have a beautiful view of the volcanoes and it is therefore highly recommended to view […]

Located between Lake Atitlán and Flores is Semuc Champey, which means river under the rocks. The river consists mainly of clear blue and turquoise pools of water where you can swim, hike and tub. There are also several caves in the area that can be visited. Lanquín The port of call for Semuc Champey is […]


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