Isla del Tigre


In the south of Honduras, against the border of El Salvador, lies the island of del Tigre. Surrounded by several volcanic islands, you can enjoy beautiful sunsets and even look out onto both El Salvador and Nicaragua. This part of Honduras is unknown and you will encounter almost no tourists except for local travelers. If you want to see a different part of Honduras, or cross the border to El Salvador in the south, this is a great place to be for a few days.

Isla del Tigre is a volcanic island with a beach on each side of the island with yet another view of the volcanoes of El Salvador or Nicaragua. You can eat delicious fresh fish, relax on the beach or take a boat trip to the various and surrounding islands. You can then even go to some of the islands that are territories of El Salvador. And every evening there is a beautiful sunset.

Keep in mind that it can be very hot in southern Honduras. The temperature differences between the middle of the country and the south or north can be quite large.

How do you get there and back?

You get there by taking the bus from Tegucigalpa to San Lorenzo. There you transfer to a bus to Coyolito or take a cab for the last 30 kilometers. From the port of Coyolito you can take a small boat, lancha, to the island. Please note that both collectivos and private boats are offered. For the collectivo you pay 15 Limpira/€0.55 and for a private lancha easily 300 Limpira/€12 per person. You arrive by lancha at Playa Burro and from there you can take the mototaxi/tuctuc to Amapala, the largest town on the island. It costs 20 limpira/€0.65. Unless you are staying somewhere else and can be dropped off there by the mototaxi. Discuss a price in advance.

On the island itself, many things can be done on foot. If the distances are a little longer then you can go by mototaxi.