Costs Honduras


How expensive is Honduras? Can you travel around on a smaller budget or do you need to bring a bag of money?

Honduras is not the cheapest country in Central America. Northern Honduras, especially the Bay Islands, are touristy and pricey. However, in the interior, for example, you can eat delicious food for a bargain. Below, we provide an overview of the possible costs you can expect. A distinction is made between the basic backpacker and the backpacker+ for whom everything can be a bit more luxurious. These are prices per person unless otherwise stated.


In Honduras, payment is made with Limpiras. The exchange rate will be about 27 Limpira for 1 euro, where you can easily find the current exchange rate online. The U.S. Dollar is not a very common currency, if you travel across country borders you may have to pay in U.S. Dollars. It is helpful to bring some U.S. Dollars or exchange them at the border.


Depending on where you stay, the cost of overnight stays can be limited. For example, will you choose a resort in West Bay or a smaller-scale hotel in West End on Roatan, or will you stay longer in the interior of Honduras? In terms of average prices you can think of €10 for a bed in a dorm, €30 for a 2 – person room with (shared) bathroom, €50 a 2 – person room on the Bay Islands.

Food and drink

Again, it depends a lot on where you are. As it is, the islands are pricey and not comparable to the rest of the country. A coffee in a café costs an average of €1.50, a beer €1.25, lunch €10 on the islands and €5 inland, and dinner costs between €10 – €20 on average. Fortunately, many ho(s)tels have kitchens and if you cook yourself or get street food you will be much cheaper. Honduras also has many local eateries where you can sometimes have a delicious meal for just a few euros.

If you cook a lot yourself and occasionally eat out with a coffee or beer on the terrace, you can count on €15 on average per day. If you like to eat out and it can be a bit more luxurious, you can take into account an average of €40 per day.


Activities that Honduras has include kayaking on Lake Yojoa, Pulhapanzak waterfall and ziplining at Gracias cost an average of €15 per activity. A day tour to Los CayosCochinos, and horseback riding and rafting in Pico Bonito National Park easily costs $50/$60. Hiking through the National Parks does not have to cost money, except for any transportation to it. Again, on the islands, activities are more expensive. If you rent a scooter, join a snorkeling tour or even take diving lessons on Uvita, the costs can quickly add up.


Public transportation in Honduras is fine. For the longer distances by bus you often pay a few tens, for example from Tegucigalpa to Copán is €40, for a 9 hour ride. This is then transportation with a good and reliable bus company that runs directly. If you go by more local buses, it’s cheaper, but you’ll be traveling longer because the buses stop more often and you’ll have to change buses yourself more often.

For a cab, it is good to agree on a price in advance. Keep in mind that cabs charge high prices, even for relatively short distances.

Another , easy way, is to use shuttles to get from A to B in Honduras. These run on many routes between known destinations and are often much faster than the public bus. However, the price is comparatively higher.

For to and from the islands you go by ferry. It costs about €28 per time.


Other other expenses include laundry, bank transaction fees, a SIM card with data and souvenirs. For this we charge €75 per person.


And what is the total cost of all that? Neither calculation takes into account obtaining a diving certificate.

The basic backpacker

Average per night €17.50 (dorm and private room alternated)

Food and drink per day €15

Activities total €120

Transportation total with public transportation and 1x round trip to the islands €150

Other €75

Total for 3 weeks €959.50 average €45.70 per day


Average per night €20 (private room with private bathroom)

Food and drink per day €40

Activities total €175

Transport total with public transport, shuttles and 1x round trip to the islands €225

Other €75

Total for 3 weeks €1735 per person, average €82.60 per day