Daily Budget

€35 Backpacker, €65 Backpacker+

Travel time

The whole year through. It is good to take into account the rainy season from April to June and October to November.


Colombia is a big country. Count that you need at least 3 to 4 weeks.


Recommended: Yellow fever, DTP and Hepatitis A. Check the website of your goverment for the actual Covid-19 situation.


Type A and B, you need a world plug.


This depends on your passport. Check with your goverment, but most likely you don’t need a visa.


A special and versatile country in the north of South America: Colombia. It is the land of salsa and Pablo Escobar. The land of the ‘war on drugs’, untouched nature and lots of color. The large cities such as Bogotá and Medellín are interspersed with small colonial villages where you experience the authentic Colombia. Take a coffee tour in the coffee region, visit the tallest wax palm trees in the world in Salento, go paragliding over the Chicamocha Cañon and dance the streets in Cartagena. Too much to list, but Colombia has it all.



Colombia is a large country and you lose a lot of travel time. It is advisable to plan enough travel time in your itinerary. Traveling by public transport is very easy in Colombia. To save time, you could take a domestic flight. The highlights below can be visited if you have at least 4 weeks time. If you have less time, you can make a selection from the places. If you have longer, you can take your time and also stay in a certain place a bit longer. Can’t figure it out or do you have questions? Please let us know.


Bogotá is the capital of Colombia and is home to more than 10 million inhabitants. The city is versatile and immense and is located at an altitude of 2,300 meters. The weather in the city is a bit cooler than other cities in Colombia, so an extra layer of clothing can’t hurt. Bogotá has some […]

Cali is the city of salsa. It is the only city in Colombia where salsa is still so alive and popular since it first entered the country in the 1980s. If you want to learn more about salsa or master salsa dancing, a visit to Cali is definitely recommended. What is there to do in […]

Cartagena is a popular destination full of colour, music, salsa, murals and atmosphere. The city is located in the northwest of Colombia and therefore an ideal base for visiting the sights in the north. Cartagena is an attraction in itself where you can easily enjoy yourself for a few days. The city never stands still. […]

Guatapé is full of color, decorations on the houses, a cozy center and located in a beautiful environment. Especially the large rock Piedra del Peñol is an attraction, but the area around Guatapé is also worth a visit. The special environment was created by the construction of the Guatapé dam in the 1970s to supply […]

Ipiales is a 10-minute drive from the border with Ecuador. The city itself is not a reason to travel to, but the Las Lajas Cathedral is. This is actually the only reason and attraction in Ipiales that makes it worth traveling there. The city itself is not special and it is therefore advisable to pay […]

The small town of Jardín is a 4-hour drive from Medellín, and located at the beginning of the coffee region. One of the pearls of Colombia because of its beautiful location, the many activities and the authentic character. Jardín has many viewpoints, beautiful waterfalls and offers plenty of opportunities to make beautiful day hikes. Jardín […]

Due to its location between the mountains and situated at an ideal altitude, Medellin is also called the city of spring, with generally pleasant temperatures. But it is also the city of transformation. For years, the city was controlled by the drug cartel and regime led by Pablo Escobar. The city suffered from violence and […]

The north of Colombia is a vast area that contains rugged beaches, colonial cities, desert and rainforest. What is there to do in this region? Visit the mountain village of Minca, hike a 4-day trip to the lost city, go sandboarding in the Guajira desert or surf at Palomino. Minca Hidden between the mountains of […]

Salento is located in the middle of the coffee region of Colombia. But it’s not the coffee plantations that make most visitors come to Salento. In the region, the tallest wax palm trees in the world can be found in the Cocora Valley and Samaria Valley. The fine center of Salento with many restaurants, bars […]

Hidden between the big cities of Bogotá and Bucaramanga you will find San Gil. Not only is it a nice town to stay in, it is also a great place for activities in the Chicamocha Canyon and a day trip to hidden gems Barichara and Guana. It is a pity, or rather nice, that these […]

With a depth of up to 2000 meters and a length of 227 kilometers, the Chicamocha Canyon is the second largest canyon in the world. The Chicamocha River flows through the canyon. It bridges both the Santander and Boyacá regions and is also known as Panachi. Due to the deep gorges and steep rock walls, […]

The town of Villa de Leyva is about a 4-hour drive from Bogotá. Built in the 16th century and one of the best preserved colonial cities in Colombia. And to preserve it, it was declared a national monument in 1954. A popular base in the weekends for residents of Bogotá due to the peaceful location […]


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