Daily Budget

€43 Backpacker, €68 Backpacker+

Travel time

The dry season is between May and January. Whale season is between June and September.


Between 3 and 4 weeks.


Recommended: Yellow Fever, DTP, Hepatitis A


Type A and B, you need a world plug.


This depends on your passport. Check with your goverment, but most likely you don’t need a visa.


Ecuador, the country named after the equator that runs through the country in the north and is known for the highest capital in the world. In addition, in Ecuador you will find high mountains and active volcanoes, rainforests and the Amazon. It also has extensive beaches and there is a whale season. Ecuador is a very versatile country with a clearly visible Inca culture. The markets and clothes are colorful and the people are calm. A little reserved, but friendly, helpful and interested. Other highlights in Ecuador include the famous Cotopaxi volcano that you can climb, rocking to the end of the world in Baños, the many sports activities in Mindo and Baños, walking the Quilotoa loop and visiting the colonial cities of Cuenca and Quito. But Ecuador also has beautiful rugged national parks where you can walk a lot to various crater lakes and mountain peaks. And for those who want to, the Pacific coast and the Galapagos Islands are the perfect place to see special animals.


The mainland of Ecuador is not large and that means that you do not have long travel distances. From the interior to the coast and traveling to Mindo are the only destinations that require more travel time. For the other destinations you often only have to count travel time for half a day. The easiest is to travel from north to south or vice versa. For the described highlights you need about 3 to 4 weeks. This does not include a visit to the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon. If you have more time, you can stay longer in a certain place or visit more places. Can’t figure it out or do you have questions? Please let us know.


Baños de Agua Santa (or simply called Baños), is located between the Tungurahua volcano and Llanganates National Park in a green area full of waterfalls and rivers. The mountainous area and the rivers have created many opportunities to get rid of your adrenaline. You can think of activities such as canyoning, rafting, mountain biking, quad […]

The Cotopaxi volcano and accompanying national park are one of the most famous places in Ecuador. Located about 50 kilometers south of Quito. With a height of almost 5,900 meters, the Cotopaxi volcano is one of the highest peaks in the country. In addition, the Cotopaxi is the highest active volcano in the world. The […]

Cuenca is the third largest city in Ecuador and is located in the south of the country at about 2,500 meters altitude. With an uncluttered center and beautiful marble and colonial-style buildings, Cuenca is a popular city to stay. The city dates back to 1557, but the buildings are still well-maintained. What is there to […]

Relatively low, among the greenery, Mindo is a nice destination to rest and enjoy nature. The environment sometimes feels tropical with a rainforest and cloud forest in which waterfalls and many (tropical) animals can be found. In addition, Mindo is relatively low and temperatures can also be higher than in other parts of Ecuador. But […]

Otavalo is a small town, located in the north of Ecuador. Surrounded by a beautiful environment of mountains, volcanoes and lakes, but still an unknown place in Ecuador among tourists. However, the locals know where to find Otavalo, as Otavalo is known for its large market in the main square. Otavalo is colorful, versatile and […]

Puerto López is the town when it comes to marine life. Fishing boats come and go every day. And 4 months a year, Puerto López is the epicenter for whale watching. A visit to Isla de la Plata to see the blue foot boobies, the National Park Machalilla and the surrounding villages of Montañita and […]

Lake Quilotoa is a crater lake that was created after a volcanic eruption, about 800 years ago. The beautiful lake is surrounded by mountains and diverse fauna. The water is bright blue, especially on clear days. Lake Quilotoa is located at an altitude of more than 3,914 meters and about 3 kilometers in diameter. You […]

With a beautiful historic center, located between the mountains with a view of several volcanoes and with the equator within reach, Quito is worth a visit. In addition, Quito is the highest capital city in the world, located at 2,850 meters. A versatile city that is also judged differently. Nevertheless, the city has a lot […]


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