Liverpool, a true English working class city, on the west coast of England. By now we have visited this city about 10 times and it is a special city for us. Perhaps it is not the first thing that comes to mind when you want to book a city trip, yet Liverpool has much to offer. On a cultural level alone, the city has a rich history, including the Beatles and soccer clubs Liverpool FC and Everton. When you are in this city there is really only 1 question that counts: ‘Are you red or are you blue?’

Liverpool One

The city’s modern center, Liverpool One, is in peeling contrast to the image most people have of Liverpool. Every visitor to the city ends up at Liverpool One sooner or later, if only because the bus from the airport stops here.

Next to the bus station is the Hilton Hotel. Walk in here and the little boys outside will surely ask you, “Are you famous?” The disappointment that drips from their faces when you answer no often results in a small smile from us.

In this area, in addition to the hotel, you will find many modern stores and a large cinema (ODEON), where it is great to watch a movie. Outside is a park where you can sit and relax.

Liverpool, England

Royal Albert Dock

Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool, England

At Liverpool One, cross the thoroughfare (Strand St.) and you’ll end up at Royal Albert Dock. Perhaps one of the most touristy places in Liverpool. And not without reason, the Royal Albert Dock, located on the Mersey, has much to offer!

Indeed, do you want to know more about the history of one of the most famous bands in the world? Here you will find The Beatles Story , the museum about the history of The Beatles. Adults pay £16.00 for a ticket, children are a little cheaper.

That you have to pay for a museum, by the way, is not common in England. A little further down the road the Museum of Liverpool to be found. This modern museum opened in 2011 and is free to enter. Our favorite? The top floor. In fact, here it is mainly about sports and music. We can always entertain ourselves for an afternoon at this museum.

Walk a short distance from Royal Albert Dock, heading north, and you at the Royal Liver Building. Characteristic of this building are the Liver Birds that adorn the top of the tower. The story here is that the birds fly away, once Liverpool no longer exists.

Opposite this building is the monument to The Beatles and a short distance away the Titanic Memorial.

Food is also good at Royal Albert Dock. In Albert Dock, part of Royal Albert Dock, you will find plenty of eateries for lunch or dinner.

Cavern club & pub

Most go to Liverpool because they are fans of The Beatles. Is this you or do you like good live music? Then head to Mathew Street in the evening. Here, the Cavern Pub and the Cavern Club can be found diagonally across from each other. Every evening the place fills up with people and it’s conviviality trumps all. As you enter Mathew Street, look up to pay a small tribute to John, Paul, Ringo and George.

Of the two places, the Club is the most famous. This is because of the times The Beatles have performed here. Still, the Pub is our preference every time. From the outside it doesn’t look like a pub, but walk through the door, down the stairs and you’ll find yourself in one of Liverpool’s most beautiful spots. A Michael Jackson jacket is displayed in the display case and a Status Quo guitar hangs on the wall. And live music every night, good live music! Many a memorable evening we have had here, courtesy of the musicians who perform here.

If you’re in Liverpool, be sure to visit the Cavern Pub.

Mathew Street, Liverpool, England


Liverpool FC, Liverpool, England

“You’ll never walk alone” adorns the large steel doors in front of Anfield and many a soccer fan gets goosebumps. Who doesn’t know this over-familiar anthem, which (when there is no pandemic) sounds from thousands of throats at Anfield almost every week. In this soccer temple, the sport is elevated to true art.

We have been there a number of times. Unfortunately never at a game because we never managed to get tickets for that. If you want to go to a Liverpool FC match, book it through a site that offers complete packages for this purpose. The times we were there we did a stadium tour. With this tour you will walk around the stadium, get into The Liverpool FC Story Museum and you can visit the dressing room of Liverpool FC. For a tour, an adult pays £20.00.

Cathedral of Liverpool

Near Chinatown, the Cathedral Church of Christ in Liverpool towers over the city. The special thing about this cathedral is that it is not as old as you might expect. In fact, the construction work was completed in 1978 and it took about 74 years to build. The building is very impressive: only 5 cathedrals worldwide are larger and the organ found inside is the largest organ in the UK.

Cathedral of Liverpool, Liverpool, England


On the other side of the Mersey is Birkenhead. Take the subway under the river and get off at Birkenhead Park . This park is definitely worth visiting. This park includes several works of art and a cricket club. Are you here on a Sunday afternoon? Then you can probably watch a game of cricket while sitting with a picnic rug on the ground in the park.

And perhaps the park will remind you of another familiar park. The design of Birkenhead Park has had a great influence on Central Park in New York.

From & to the center

If you’re going to Liverpool, you’re most likely going by plane. From Schiphol Airport it takes about an hour to get to Liverpool John Lennon Airport. This airport has the beautiful slogen: Above us only sky. From the airport take the bus to Liverpool One. Several buses go that way, but the advice is to take line 500. This is by far the fastest and cheapest way to get to Liverpool city center by public transport.

In Liverpool itself, you can catch a bus from Liverpool One or take the train or subway from Lime Street. Liverpool has a good subway network, which takes you from one place to another in Liverpool or Birkenhead within minutes.

From Liverpool you can also get to other cities quite easily. For example, Manchester is close to Liverpool. This ensures that you can also consider flying into Manchester if you want to go to Liverpool. Wales, Chester and (a little closer to Liverpool) Crosby Beach are also easily accessible from Liverpool.