You would almost forget the microstate of Liechtenstein in the list of countries in Europe. Not surprising, the country only has an area of 160 km² and about 40,000 people live in the country. Liechtenstein is not a member of the European Union and therefore you pay with the Swiss Franc. Anyway, you can enjoy yourself for a while in Liechtenstein and you can also enjoy winter sports in the winter.

Vaduz castle

Due to its high location, 120 meters above the city, Vaduz Castle is visible from afar. The castle is believed to date from the 12th century and is the symbol of the city. Unfortunately, the castle cannot be visited, but if you go through the city with a guide, the guide can tell you more about the castle.


The environment and nature of Liechtenstein is beautiful. The Alps run right through Liechtenstein, making it possible to walk in the mountains in the area. You don’t just have to walk (or cycle and mountain bike) through mountains, there are also several routes online through lower lying land. Enough variations in this area. You will also find restaurants in the mountains with the most beautiful views in many places. Lovely to rest after a walk with a beautiful view.


Liechtenstein has several museums and art galleries where you can enjoy yourself for a while. On the site you can see an overview of all activities in Liechtenstein. Something for everyone.